Extended Patio Hours Approved in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:01 am

Some of the City of Vancouver’s 577 patios will be allowed to stay open later. On Monday, city councillors approved a motion to extend patio hours.

The motion passed unanimously as some patios will soon be able to stay open longer than the current, and ridiculous, 11 p.m. cutoff.

The city will provide a short-term plan that will allow some patios to stay open later. This plan should be in place by the end of summer. A shame it couldn’t be implemented immediately as patios are most enjoyed in the summer months.

The passing of this motion doesn’t mean all patios will see extended hours. Only places with a track record of good behaviour will be considered for extended hours. The city will also focus on areas where there is less residential housing.

The city will also put forward recommendations for long-term patio licensing policy changes to expand patio space, and make the process more efficient.

Image: Foodobyte