Expressions In A Glass: Vancouver Arts Organizations As Drinks (Part 6)

Dec 19 2017, 10:29 am

This will be the last Expression in a Glass for a bit. Hope you enjoyed learning more about Vancouver’s amazing art personalities as much as I did!

Vancouver’s arts community boasts some distinct characteristics and rich personalities. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to see past the advertising speak and press images. I challenged arts organizations of all types and sizes to come clean by asking them one fundamental question:

What drink best describes your company’s personality and body of work?

Sex With An Alligator

Image Source: Sam Mitchell

Who: Off-Key Improv
What: Jagermeister, raspberry liqueur, melon liqueur, sweet & sour mix

Why: An eclectic group who puts on a one act, completely improvised musical based on a random title we get from our audience. From the singing, dancing, story, characters, the music our band plays to even the lighting, it is all improvised and always the opening and closing night for that particular show. So, Off-Key is most like Sex with an Alligator, because it is nothing like what you expect it to be, however you’re probably going to like it (the show, the drink and um… drink name).

Flask of Whiskey

Image Source: LeBoudoirNoir

Who: Theatre at UBC
What: Guinness and Champagne

Why: If Theatre at UBC were a drink it would be a vintage flask of rare whiskey hidden in a ladies garter.  The words “University Theatre Department” may conjure up a staid and conservative image – but trust us, the UBC Department of Theatre and Film is where all the untameable talents with high GPAs come to hone their mad skills. We like to play with dangerous ideas and are full of surprises.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Image Source: Courtney So

Who: Seven Tyrants Theatre
What: Aged rum (we prefer 15 yr+ Matusalem), Cola, lime juice

Why: Sophisticated twist on a classic. Replace the Aneo Blanco in your Cuba Libre with 15 year aged Ron Metusalem for a timeless taste and unexpected smack upside the head. Gritty, Trailer-Park Boy, underworld fare stirred with a pink straw to the swanky grandeur of a Havana mobster. The perfect drink for a sinister clown, the Cuban Missile Crisis evokes our socio-political fixation and commitment to the tension of a suspended moment. We recommend using that glass-bottled Mexican coke made with cane sugar, and pairing with a fine Cohiba.

Craft Beer

Image Source

Who: Upintheair Theatre / rEvolver Theatre Festival
What: Hops

Why: Populist, easy to appreciate but with depth and diversity, there’s something for connoisseurs or those just looking for a good time. An emerging force. Made with pride and skill. Unpretentious but tasteful.

Bourbon Punch

Image Source: Hardline Productions

Who: Hardline Productions
What: Bourbon, citrus, sugar, strong tea, and champagne

Why: Like Hardline Productions, Bourbon Punch is strong, tart, and classy – and packs a punch that might knock you on your ass. You’ll probably want another round.


Now venture out and make some new friends. Are you a Vancouver-based arts organization with a mix to share? Tweet me at @cecilialu and let me know what you’re drinking!


Feature image: Cocktails on bar image via Shutterstock