Expressions In A Glass: Vancouver Arts Organizations As Drinks (Part 4)

Dec 19 2017, 10:13 am

Wow. I’ve learned so much about Vancouver arts through unique drink combinations over the past few weeks. Here’s 5 more bubbly personalities from Expressions in a Glass.

Vancouver’s arts community boasts some distinct characteristics and rich personalities. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to see past the advertising speak and press images. I challenged arts organizations of all types and sizes to come clean by asking them one fundamental question:

What drink best describes your company’s personality and body of work?

Sparkling Rosé

sparkling wine 1

Who: Theatre Under The Stars
What: Sparkling Rosé, frozen Raspberries

Why: Theatre Under the Stars have been filling Stanley Park’s summer nights with bubbly & fun musical theatre for almost 75 years. What better compliment to a carefree evening of outdoor theatre than a similarly effervescent sparkling wine? The rosé & raspberries are specific to this summer, when pink-tastic Legally Blonde returns (after all, who wouldn’t want to be matching with Elle Woods?)

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Swamp Mix Slurpee


Image Source: The Fictionals

Who: The Fictionals
What: Whatever 7-Eleven has on tap…

Why: Why only get one flavour of slurpee or improv comedy when you can try them all? The Fictionals like to keep things fresh with a variety of shows in Vancouver, including regular events based on Video Games (Minus World), Game Of Thrones (Thrones And Games), and Cards Against Humanity (Improv Against Humanity). With a weekly show every Tuesday at Cafe Deux Soleils, and a rotating cast of special guests, you’re bound to find a new favourite each time out!

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Dos_Jarras_de_Sangría-2009_wiki commons

Image Source: BlueShore

Who: BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts
What: Red wine, limes, lemons, oranges, strawberries/raspberries, sugar, triple sec/rum, ginger ale, orange juice, fresh mint, ice

Why: Just like the delicious combination of flavours that make up a truly great sangria, every year the BlueShore Centre presents a tasty mix of top quality music from around the world along with a sophisticated bottle of the finest jazz. Warning: May leave you highly intoxicated and wanting more.



Image Source

Who: Boca del Lupo
What: Gin/vodka, soda, lime juice

Why: Everyone loves it when they try it but most people don’t know how to describe it or exactly what it is and often aren’t sure quite how to pronounce it.

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Bourbon Lemonade

sparkling-bourbon-lemonade-ftrImage Source

Image Source

Who: Relephant Theatre
What: Woodford reserve, maple syrup, lemon (Kentucky version)

Why: It’s light and sweet, quaint and unassuming – but packs a kick. Relephant Theatre produces scripts that have significant and demonstrable social bearing, but which present their theme(s) through dialogue or story that is whimsical, chimerical and entertaining. In short, we like to make you smile – but we also want to make you think. But we like doing it in such a way that you hardly notice. Like the alcohol in there… you barely notice it… but yes, baby, it’s there.

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Now venture out and make some new friends. Are you a Vancouver-based arts organization with a mix to share? Tweet me at @cecilialu and let me know what you’re drinking!


Feature image: Cocktails on bar image via Shutterstock

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