Expressions In A Glass: Vancouver Arts Organizations As Drinks (Part 2)

Dec 19 2017, 10:04 am

I had such a great response from arts companies and readers alike, so here’s part 2 of Expressions in a Glass, just in time to tempt your Monday morning…

Vancouver’s arts community boasts some distinct characteristics and rich personalities. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to see past the advertising speak and press images. I challenged arts organizations of all types and sizes to come clean by asking them one fundamental question:

What drink best describes your company’s personality and body of work?

Bitter Border Hassle

Bitter Border Hassle2

Photo Credit: Simon Schluter

Who: Theatre Conspiracy
What: Canadian Club rye, Jagermeister, Bitter Truth Aromatic bitters, Bitter Truth Orange bitters, Jawbreaker (optional)

Why: Taking cue from Conspiracy’s next show, this mysterious and alluring concoction is a game changer. Dark, tangy and laced with bitterness, it has the power to draw out your deepest secrets.  Warning: May need security clearance to imbibe.

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Hot Chocolate


Image Source: Carousel Theatre

Who: Carousel Theatre for Young People
What: Shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, sugar

Why: When you think of hot chocolate, you think of warmth, a sweet treat and being surrounded by people you love. That’s why Carousel is just like this yummy concoction: we’re warm, sweet and the perfect thing to enjoy with people you care about. Plus marshmallows are fun and so are we!

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Bloody Ceasar mason jar

Bloody Ceasar mason jar via Shutterstock

Who: Firehall Arts Centre
What: Vodka, Clamato, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, celery, lime

Why: Classic yet spicy with a kick and distinctly Canadian. A ton of substance in a small uniquely old-school package…and red, because it matches our heritage firehall building and fiery spirit!

Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini

Image source

Who: Alley Theatre
What: Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, lemon twist for garnish

Why: Like Alley Theatre, it’s a mix of tart, sweet and plenty potent. It’s accessible, but also likes to shake things up (or maybe stir up trouble). Either way, it always comes with twist.

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Old Fashioned


Image Source

Who: Pacific Theatre
What: Sugar, bitters, whiskey, and a twist of citrus rind

Why: An age old favourite with substance and history, it draws the bitter and sweet together in a refreshing, cool drink.  It’s a bold drink enjoyed by those with experienced palates. Newcomers will be surprised, intrigued, challenged, and maybe even a little offended with their first taste, but more often than not, they will come back for more.

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Now venture out and make some new friends. Are you a Vancouver-based arts organization with a mix to share? Tweet me at @cecilialu and let me know what you’re drinking!


Feature image: Cocktails on bar image via Shutterstock

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