Experience tranquility with Sparklebalm

Vancouver’s secret to tranquility is at the hands of Julie and the team at Sparklebalm.

For over 24 years, Julie Dujardin has used her training in aromatherapy, reflexology, and Swedish and deep tissue to provide healing massages and a serene experience to her clients. These methods, which have been proven to not be a fad, have only improved with time.

Eight years ago, Julie began Sparklebalm, a downtown Vancouver business that provides massages from her home condo, as well as the convenient option of an in-house/in-suite massage. Her convenient location allows her the ability to be mobile and provide a pop-up massage experience within downtown to hotel suites and residences.

The therapists at Sparklebalm have been hand chosen by Julie and are available when Julie is not. Each therapist abides by the same standard of quality and precision that allows Sparklebalm to set the bar in massage healing services.

A healing massage is not an ordinary massage, but rather an experience you will remember. The Sparklebalm team analyzes the body, and through years of experience, instinct remains keen with each individual. Julie proudly states that each session is a blend of skills catering to the current needs of the client. And each client, ranging from executive locals to first class world travelers in athletics, film, music & business, will attest to that.

Known for her skills, as well as her heart-warming personality that puts guests at ease and let them be themselves, comfortable, Julie’s healing massages are also Opus Hotel’s first-choice for over seven years for their decadent, and effective in-suite massage services.

The experience begins with an instant set-up for an effortless pop-up spa effect for each client.  Each massage uses flannel sheets, a sleek massage table, mesmerizing music, healing oils, natural and hypo-allergenic Hawaiian Alba Botanica oil blend and rich cocoa butter, and, most importantly, the right attitude to bring any person at ease.

Sparklebalm provides Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, reflexology, Reiki/healing, aromatherapy, shiatsu massages to couples, individuals, events, and groups. They can also treat couples simultaneously or back to back (one after the other).

Give the gift of relaxation this Christmas with a healing massage from Sparklebalm. Mention this post when you book your appointment and receive $20 off full body massage treatments.

To book your appointment, call Julie Dujardin at 778-858-3574 or email [email protected]