5 experience-enhancing gift ideas for the gamer on your list

Dec 16 2021, 9:06 pm

The holidays are approaching faster than we can make a round of decadent hot chocolates, and with gifts for loved ones unchecked on our lists, we’re going back to the drawing board.

If you’re in the same boat, welcome. Now, when we consider the gaming fanatics in our lives, we’re likely able to list off a selection of their favourite games without hesitation. So what would be the best gift for them?

Here’s the thing: games are just one element of the overall experience. Any devoted gamer knows how easy it is to lose track of time when you’re fully immersed in a digital world and vying to reach the next level; that’s why comfort is paramount.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up five gift ideas for the gamer on your list designed to enhance the overall experience of playing their go-to titles.

1. A gaming chair

Sitting for lengthy periods on an uncomfortable wooden chair is not ideal for gaming. All focus has to be on the game at hand to get the maximum benefit of playing. As such, a gaming chair is a wonderful gift idea. Carefully designed to promote comfort, gaming chairs are gifts that can last for years. With many featuring high back designs, adjustable armrests for support, and of course, wheels for the moments when you’re not quite finished a game but need to answer the phone on the other side of the room, these chairs are a no-brainer.

2. A headset for gaming

Another gift idea that could help someone in your life get ahead in the world of gaming is a headset. Why? Picture this: you’re closer than ever to the level target you’ve been working towards and noise from the street below your apartment travels through your window and throws you off your game at the last moment; it’s no fun. But this can be a thing of the past with a dedicated gaming headset that helps block out distracting background noise to provide gamers with an enhanced, immersive experience and excellent sound quality.

3. A high-end monitor

HUAWEI MateView GT (HUAWEI Canada)

Gaming on a small-screen laptop or tablet just doesn’t hit the same as doing so with a professional-grade screen, which makes a premium design monitor a stellar gift idea. The HUAWEI MateView GT, for example, boasts a 3K, 34-inch, ultra-wide 21:9 screen that fills your vision, allowing you to enjoy the epic level of detail that games today offer. Meanwhile, its 1500R super-curved design invites you into a new world of immersive viewing.

With a movie-level 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut and 1.07 billion colours, it takes visuals to extraordinary heights. Visual distortion is also minimized with the ultra-low latency 165Hz refresh rate, so gamers can make full use of their peripheral vision (aka get an edge in more competitive games). The MateView GT has an innovatively designed dual 5W SoundBar built into its base too, and with a smart duel mic system, it can pick up your voice from up to four metres away, 360 degrees around the device. Gamers can set the lighting to match their mood as the SoundBar has eight dynamic RGB lighting effects to choose from.

Additionally, the luxurious feel, matte finish, and futuristic ring pattern on the back of the MateView GT create a striking, unique look that resembles a high-tech sculpture for any desk. Upon first use of the monitor and its single, five-way joystick, gamers are treated to an elevated stage for play.

4. A gaming keyboard

The benefits of outfitting your at-home gaming zone with top-notch equipment are aplenty, and this extends to the addition of a gaming keyboard. Unlike a traditional keyboard you might use at work, gaming keyboards are designed with features that allow for a smoother playing experience. From wired connections, mechanical switches, customizable keys for shortcuts, easy-to-access control panels, to bright backlights, gaming keyboards have a ton of fun, useful extras. They can be used for work when necessary, too.

5. A gaming mouse

Every moment counts for avid gamers. Technology that slows them down as opposed to speeding up their pace is likely going to restrict their overall progress, which is why a fast, agile gaming mouse makes the perfect holiday gift. There are ample options on the market, and the most reliable products are designed to ensure a comfortable grip and ease of use. In general, a gaming mouse will be more sensitive and responsive to movement than a standard mouse, making it better for competing gamers to go head-to-head with their opponents.

The aforementioned gift ideas, notably the HUAWEI MateView GT, represent some of the best tech equipment the industry has to offer. To learn more about the MateView GT monitor specifically and find even more gift ideas this holiday season, visit huawei.com/ca.

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