The Exhibition: GENERATIONS hosted by Vintage Ink

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 pm

Self-expression has risen to a new level, as tattoos are no longer the exclusive domain of rebels, criminals, and rock stars. Just as tattoos break boundaries, Vintage Ink aims to express itself similarly with each and every bottle of Rebel Red and Wild White wines they produce.

In celebration of the tattoo and its new status as a positive social symbol, Vintage Ink is hosting The Exhibition: GENERATIONS, and on Thursday July 16 their tats will be taking over the Fortune Sound Club.

Come out for the night and celebrate your individualism with a company who has nothing to hide, values freedom of expression, and blends winemaking and tattoo artistry. Enjoy beats by DJ FLIPOUT, eat complimentary food from Bestie, and sip on some delicious Vintage Ink Wines.

Vintage Ink wines will be serving both their delicious B.C. varietals: Wild White, a lively fruity wine with floral notes and lush citrus tones; and Rebel Red, a full-bodied red wine with intense cherry, spice and soft tannins.

They will be showcasing the work of some of Canada’s top tattoo artists including Angie Fey, Bryan Turnbull, Chris Wellard, Kaija Heitland, Matt Barnes, Matt Darling, Stace Forand and Sam Smith.

Life is about making memories, so come make some new ones while you share the stories behind your pieces and quench your thirst for bold, lavish and 100 per cent Canadian wines.

The Exhibition: GENERATIONS

Where: Fortune Sound Club, 47 E Pender Street, Chinatown
When: July 16
Time: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Cost: Free Entry including food and wine

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Vintage Ink values freedom of expression and feels that genuine, quality, memory-filled experiences are what life is all about – without the need to impress anyone. As such, in everything from their 100% VQA grapes (in Niagara and the Okanagan) right down to the unique labels, Vintage Ink hides behind nothing. Vintage Ink advocates you being you.


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