Essential Vancouver English food guide

Jun 14 2016, 6:32 pm

When thinking of English food there are a few staples that instantly spring to mind. Comforting classics like bangers and mash, Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and English-style curries.

Sure, Vancouver isn’t known around the world for having an abundance of English-inspired restaurants, however, what the city lacks in quantity, it more than makes up with quality.

Featuring a broad range of British-focused cuisine, delicacies, and delights, here is your ultimate English food guide to Vancouver.

Devils on Horseback: Pourhouse

Although this decidedly British appetizer has many variations, Pourhouse in Gastown has opted to serve a classic rendition. Let the streaky bacon wrapped prunes (stuffed with Gruyere) slide off the toothpick so you can enjoy the savoury and sweet deliciousness unfold.

Address: 162 Water Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-568-7022
Twitter: @pourhouse_van

Scotch Egg: The Fat Badger

another dish from @the_fat_badger. a scotch egg with curried ketchup. #onthetable

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This inviting British gastropub offers a range of deliciously comforting British-inspired fare, including arguably the best scotch eggs in the city. Listed as a “bar snack” this crisp, soft-yolked savory treat, encased in sausage meat is accompanied by a curried ketchup and is utterly delicious. 

Address: 1616 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-5577
Twitter: @the_fat_badger

Shepherd’s Pie: The New Oxford

Enjoy an afterwork pint, as well as a bite to eat at this modern British pub on the edge of Yaletown. The menu features a range of reliably good meals, many which take their cue from England including the comfort classic Shepherd’s Pie. The savoury mixture is made up of braised lamb and veggies, and is topped with mashed potato. Complete the meal with a red wine gravy. 

Address: 1144 Homer Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-609-0901
Twitter: @NewOxfordVan 

Bangers and Mash: The Irish Heather

Ok, so we realize this gastropub is of Irish origin, however, the Gastown spot serves up a scrumptious plate of bangers and mash (also known as sausages and mash). This traditional British Isles dish is made up of custom pork sausages (made especially for The Irish Heather by local butchers Moccia Urbani), creamy mashed potatoes, and pan gravy. 

Address: 210 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-688-9779
Twitter: @TheIrishHeather

Yorkshire Pudding: Black + Blue

Yorkshire pudding is one of Britain’s favourite foods. The popover pastry is generally served with beef and gravy and is a staple of the traditional British Sunday roast. While proper Sunday roasts are hard to come by in Vancouver you can find Yorkshire puddings served with prime rib plates, in a number of restaurants like Black + Blue. 

Address: 1032 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-637-0777
Twitter: @Glowbal_Group

Fish and Chips: Go Fish Ocean Emporium

While many Brits believe that you’ll be hard pressed to find real British-style fish and chips in Vancouver, there are many places that offer up delicious renditions, like Go Fish Ocean Emporium on Granville Island. Diners who drop by this fish shack-style eatery can grab a delectable homemade Granville Island beer battered halibut and chips. It’s more of a take away joint rather than a sit down restaurant, but if inclined to stay there is small attached patio with a handful of tables and chairs. Surrounded by waterfront, Go Fish is a particularly beautiful spot to enjoy this classic British summertime pairing.

Address: 1505 West 1st Avenue, Granville Island
Phone: 604-730-5040

Mushy Peas: Peaked Pies

Slated to open in August, the toppings list at this Aussie pie shop, which hails from Whistler, includes generous serves of mashed potato, thick gravy, and mushy peas (a traditional accompaniment not only to fish and chips in the UK but also to savoury pie).

Address: 975 Denman Street, Vancouver
Twitter: @PeakedPies

Jacket Potato: Russet Shack

Jess Fleming / Daily Hive

Jess Fleming / Daily Hive

This casual eatery on Robson offers great whopping-sized baked potatoes loaded with an array of toppings. While “jacket potatoes” (the British term for potatoes baked with their skin on) may seem like a peculiar item choice for a sit-down and take away spot to specialize in, any Brit can attest that this comforting eat is a fine option when you want to banish those nasty hunger pangs.

Address: 288 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-683-0374
Twitter: @RussetShackVan

Sunday Roast: The Cascade Room

Carry on the British tradition of feasting on a hearty Sunday roast with all the trimmings at The Cascade Room. Available from 5 pm to close (or when supplies last) on Sundays, the Main Street eatery’s Sunday roast features roast beef, potatoes, seasonal veggies, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy for $18 per person.

Address: 2616 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-709-8650
Twitter: @thecascaderoom

Banoffee Pie: The Fat Badger

Devotees of this English dessert pie, made from bananas, cream, and toffee can find a delicious edition at The Fat Badger. Indulge on an individual serve as an after dinner treat.

Address: 1616 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-5577
Twitter: @the_fat_badger

Cornish Pasty: Cheshire Cheese Inn

This pocket-shaped baked pastry is an ideal savory treat to munch upon when you’re feeling peckish. At the Cheshire Cheese Inn enjoy a version filled with tender beef, potato, and root vegetables, as well as the accompaniments of pork belly baked beans and hand cut chips.

Address: 4585 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-224-2521

Chicken Tikka Masala: Crave India

Chicken tikka masala, a popular take-out dish consisting of marinated chunks of chicken pieces (traditionally cooked in a tandoor) served in a spiced tomato-cream terracotta-coloured sauce, is enjoyed nationwide in the UK. For a memorable version head to Crave India. While this hole-in-the-wall joint is fairly inconspicuous from the outside, it serves up a mean curry.

Address: 1019 Granville Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-1850

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