You can escape to Venice with Modello Prosecco

Jul 20 2020, 9:32 pm

Dream of a peaceful ride down historic canals with gondolas paddling gently by. A stroll across the majestic Rialto Bridge. And of course, a light lunch and glass of Prosecco in the majestic Piazza San Marco.

You would be forgiven if, in the past few months, you have daydreamed about travel to Venice in an earlier time, perhaps the most scenic and romantic place in the whole world. If you have been there, you know that even the people living and working there are deeply affected by the magic around them: the sights, the sounds, the food, and the wine.

One of the few pieces of this magic that we can take home with us is the Prosecco wine that is so perfectly suited to Venice. The soft, gentle bubbles, the invigorating perfume of pear blossom and nectarine. The crisp, refreshing, and cool finish. Prosecco comes from the rolling hills just north of Venice, and the world has discovered that this sparkling wine has many more uses than just sipping on vacation.


Prosecco is unique among sparkling wines — the bubbles have a softness to them, and the flavours tend to fruity characteristics like crisp apple and peach. The wine is made in a unique process in the hillside cellars near the village of Valdobbiadene, in the foothills of the Alps. The Glera grapes that grow here are perfectly suited to the cool climate and give Prosecco its unique character. The mix of misty mornings and warm sunshine preserve the freshness and pure flavours of the grapes which make it all the way into the finished wine.

Modello Prosecco is a new expression of Prosecco wine, made by one of the most historic and trusted wineries in north-east Italy, Masi. Modello Prosecco is a versatile way to experience the culture of food and wine of Venice, but in your own way. Itā€™s the perfect bottle to open and share a celebratory glass just before a favourite evening dinner. Because of its drier style it pairs perfectly with the fresh seafood that abounds in our local markets.

You could even get creative and mix it with local fresh squeezed juice at breakfast to create a mimosa. Or mix it with a flavourful gin to create a trendy ginsecco cocktail. Or perhaps, like in Venice, you may just want to sit down at a sunny patio with friends and loved ones and slowly sip a glass.

Modello Prosecco is $4 off at BC Liquor Stores throughout July.

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