Epic Vancouver Blogger Cat Fight!?

Dec 19 2017, 12:01 pm

This post is in response to a twitter discussion that obviously had more brewing underneath its surface. I became involved once I retweeted a tweet from @gusgreeper about being banned from this year’s Best of 604. For the record I personally know neither Corinna aka Gus Creeper nor the creator/founder of the Best of 604 awards, but only through the blog world. I’m just telling the tale as emailed to me by Corinna. I received an email from the founder of the Best of 604 awards claiming the ban is not true, however, Corinna believes otherwise.

Either way read the full story… *spoiler* it involves cops so you know it’s worth the read. Who knew the Vancouver blogosphere was so cut throat, making the ongoing saga between Sean Orr and UD look like a sissy fight!
As written by Vancouver Blogger GusGreeper

Former Runner UP-Banned from Best of 604 see the post here.

Note: We were asked to remove the original post and we have obliged.

Best of 604 awards founder we await your rebuttal or not, whatever…In the meantime here is a classic clip from Seinfeld.

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