Enough is enough with these NFL Replacement Referees.

Dec 19 2017, 6:19 am

Roger Goodell, I know you might not EVER read this, but if by any chance you do, please take what I say into consideration.  Enough is enough.  Did you watch that Monday nighter’ with Denver and Atlanta? Did you see how long that 1st quarter took!? That was flat out ridiculous.  Now you and your 32 owners can humiliate yourselves all you want, and attempt to make a point.  But in all actual fact, it’s the players who YOU have to pay that have to take the field and risk their bodies because you put on a confused and hesitating group of officials on the field, who thought their biggest game was International Academy vs Black River Public School in Michigan.  What other evidence do you need Mr. Goodell?  Oh here.  Before Week 2, the biggest humiliation came when ESPN uncovered the facebook page of one of the biggest Saints fans in the league, WHO conveniently was a side judge for Sunday’s Panther’s-Saints game.  How ironic is that sir?

The NFL has said time again that they have done background checks on all referees, but if you can’t go on the computer and do a social media background and see what this Division III referee is like, then why bother even hiring replacements? Then again, the way these games are going, how in the world would you be able to figure out the difference between a right call and a purposely right call or a blown call and a purposely blown call?  Imagine if you were one of these referee’s and you are reffing a NY Giants vs NY Jets game, and Coach Tom Coughlin is rattling you ALL game for an offside or holding call, and then you purposely throw your flag, but you really didn’t know why, only because you had a legendary coach berating you, so you just threw your flag.  This is what the ref’s are going through each game, isn’t that stupid?  Wouldn’t you rather the professional referees who are properly trained for this to type of scenario to be out on the field?

The replacements are slow, confused, and mostly wrong with their mechanics.  On the positive note, at least they know how to wear their uniforms correctly.  Most of these referee’s sounded like they were reffing a community game, for example on Monday night, “First down red,” or “Personal Foul on 93 red”, ok so…who is red?  I believe the Denver helmets are blue and the Atlanta helmets are black…So who is red? Anyways.

Many parts of this sad sack display are humorous, especially when they miss OBVIOUS BLATANT calls that are right in front of them.  But for the players, there’s a more serious side.  It’s the safety, and as an avid watcher of NFL football, please Roger Goodell, please stop this sad display of officiating, and PLEASE give what these referee’s want.  These referees are not trained to do what the regular officials do and did every weekend. It’s not me criticizing, it’s a fact.  Enough is enough.

Source: deadspin.com