Here's what English Bay Beach looked like back in 1933 (VIDEO)

Jul 31 2017, 5:49 pm

We’re used to seeing a packed English Bay Beach during these beautiful summer days, but it appears that even in the 1930s the swimsuit-clad crowds would have been fighting over where to place their blankets.

A clip from Canada’s Evergreen Playground, a film directed by┬áRaymond S Peck
and funded by the Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau, shows what beach life was like for Vancouverites back in 1933.

The film, which was recently posted to YouTube by BC History, shows what life was like on the ever-popular beach more than 80 years ago.


Even though the swimsuits, hats, and umbrellas look much different, the splashing Vancouverites act in a very similar fashion to beach-goers today: sunbathing on the sand, getting a running start into the cold water, and pushing over their unsuspecting friends.

Check out the Library and Archives Canada YouTube video for a glimpse into the past:

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