Empire 'Strips' Back Gets Bigger and Bustier on Star Wars Day

Dec 19 2017, 10:28 am

I just came back from a dress rehearsal of Star Wars Burlesque. And it blew my mind to infinity and beyond.

Sorry, wrong movie. Anyway. This is Geekenders’ second chapter of their unique brand of ‘sexy stormtroopers’ burlesque. I reviewed the first as something special. But the second, The Empire Strips Back, seriously ups the ante.

From a Boba Fett striptease, to invisible wires propelling guns out of hands Force-style, to some really talented girls and boys in nothing but their undies, George Lucas’ classic has never been hotter. This production really distinguishes itself through devotion to the source material – tight writing and in-jokes will keep the most devoted fan entertained throughout the ambitious acts.


So, Star Wars fans, how are you celebrating the geekiest weekend of the year – May 4th? My vote is on watching The Empire Strikes Back make history on the Vancouver entertainment stage.

Get those fast-disappearing tickets for Star Wars Day before a Wookie wails and sits on you.


The Empire Strips Back ~ A Burlesque Re-Imagining plays at The Rio Theatre May 3 and 4. Advance tickets here.

Photo Credit: Rene Blair