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Dec 19 2017, 3:56 pm

Hypnosis is something we hear about in movies, magic shows and mostly in the field of psychology, and many people have misconceptions on what hypnosis is and what it does. Flip that around to a topic that is completely off tangent; facials and spas – and every girl knows what those are. So what happens when we merge the two together? Definitely something we don’t hear about often, or never at all.

The EM Luxury Spa is the only spa in Vancouver that offers a one-of-a-kind service that combines the mystery of hypnosis with beauty services to provide a unique and different experience for customers. Focusing on using the power of the mind, EM Luxury Spa shows how our minds are a powerful aspect towards self healing.


First choice by celebrities in Los Angeles and Vancouver, Vancity Buzz managed to sit down and have an interview with the founder of EM Luxury Spa, Miss Alisha Lalji.


What is EM Luxury Spa about and what was the inspiration behind it?

I used to have extremely bad acne for many years. I tried everything, went to dermatologists and tried lots of medication. Nothing worked. That’s when I decided to take the bull by the horn and learn skin myself. That is how I started in the spa industry. I created EM Luxury Spa when I came to Vancouver from Los Angeles. I wanted to create something that was luxurious, convenient, unique, effective and holistic. That’s when EM Luxury Spa was created; bring the spa experience to you.

What services do you provide and how is it unique from anything we’ve heard about in Vancouver?

I provide services such as massage, facials, waxing, foot detox and hypnotherapy. All my services are unique. With my massage, I combine several techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and joint release along with energy work. My facial combines today’s most advanced skin treatments using microdermabrasion, LED light therapy with micro-current, high frequency and high-end products. That’s right, $20,000 worth of equipment right at your doorstep. Foot detox is a machine that releases toxins from the body through ionization. Different colors that come out will tell you what part of the body the toxin is coming from. An Alchemical or Transformative Hypnotherapy session will help you to release old patterns and beliefs from your life, heal your body and mind and reconnect you with your true self in order to fully embrace the life you desire.

How do you merge something like Hypnosis and the beauty services you provide together?

Hypnotherapy and spa combination treatments
I have pioneered a few treatments that are taking the spa industry to a complete new level with Hypnotherapy Facial, Hypnotherapy Massage and Hypnotherapy Waxing.

Hypnotherapy-Massage: Do you ever ponder why parts of your body keep recreating problems when you have tried so many remedies to fix them? Hypnosis-Massage empowers you to release underlying blocks stored within the body and mind. You create a new you from the inside out!

Hypnotherapy-Facial: Whilst getting a facial you are put into a hypnosis state which immediately relaxes you. As you receive your wonderful treatment, your subconscious mind will be accessible. A certain dialogue or formula will be used to speak to your cells in order to activate elastin, collagen and other necessary coding to change your skin and body, producing newer, younger cells.

Hypnotherapy-Waxing: Hypnosis has been used as an adjunct to surgical procedures for over 200 years. It was used as a method for controlling pain before the times of anesthesia. Using hypnosis, you can reprogram how your body reacts to a specific painful situation. Just imagine getting waxed and feeling little to no pain at all! Experience painless waxing!

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For those of you are concerned with being hypnotized and being susceptible to mind control (due to the impression that television shows give you), fret not and read more about what exactly goes on in each session on their website at www.emluxuryspa.com.

Check out EM Luxury Spa’s short video showcasing the vision, specialized treatments, testimonials, locations and more:

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EM Luxury Spa:

Phone: 778-385-2504

Website: www.emluxuryspa.com

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