European-designed camper conversion kit lands in Canada

Sep 7 2021, 4:10 pm

You are heading out on a trip where the goal is the experience, not just the destination. You have your vehicle, but you need a camper. You want to go where most campers and RVs dare not tread and cell signals can’t reach: one brand has got you covered.

After its successful development and launch in Europe in 2016, the Egoé Nestbox is now available in Vancouver and the rest of Canada. It’s the ideal kit to transform your vehicle quickly and easily into a comfortable camper for your outdoor adventures.

Egoé Nest produces models that fit smaller SUVs like the Honda CRV or Subaru Forester to Jeep Wrangler and up to larger vans like Mercedes Sprinter. It’s a great companion whether on an asphalt-lined road trip or undertaking an epic off-grid quest.

With a Nestbox conversion kit installed in the back of your vehicle, you can cook dinner, wash dishes, take a shower, and sleep on a comfortable mattress — wherever you are.

It’s exquisitely yet practically designed, highly robust, and manufactured and assembled to strict quality criteria. Because of this, Egoé Nestbox received the prestigious Good Design Award in the US and the Red Dot Award in Europe in 2020. The Nestbox isn’t just pretty; it’s built for years of use.

Upon arrival at your campsite, the bed frame and base are easily assembled in minutes — no tools needed. The mattress is made from a PUR sandwich, covered in soft, comfortable material, which then folds out for a good night’s sleep. The gear easily stores under the bed while you camp.

On the functional side, the kitchen consists of a heavy-duty slide-out system containing a two-burner propane stove — which is removable and can be placed on any level surface for use, a water unit with an electric pump, faucet or shower attachment, and sink and an electric refrigerator or cooler, plus drawers for storing food and utensils.

The Egoé Nestbox’s main body is made from hand-welded steel with HPL faced birch plywood for durability and beauty. You have everything you need for several comfortable days and nights off-road and off-grid.

When you’re ready to move on to the next site, disassemble the bed base support and store it in the zippered sack. The bed base and mattress can be neatly and safely stowed on top of the main body. Slide the kitchen back in, and you are ready to go. The entire conversion kit is secured to the vehicle using industrial cargo straps fastened to already existing tie-down points in your vehicle.

In the vast majority of cases, no modifications to the vehicle are needed. The robust design ensures that the Nestbox stays in place even on the toughest four-wheel drive trails. When you get back home, simply remove the Nestbox and store it, thus returning your vehicle for everyday use. The ease of installation and its hardy construction ensures you have the confidence to comfortably go where you want to go when you want to go.

Imagine you are driving through the beautiful natural scenes of BC and find that perfect spot next to an idyllic mountain stream. It’s late; you are tired, so you quickly set up the bed and get to sleep. After a restful and refreshing night, you wake up to a crisp, clear morning, with beams of sunlight glowing through the trees as the distant birds starting their day greet you. You make yourself a cup of espresso and fuel up with a fresh omelette, some juice, and oatmeal.

After breakfast, you jump on your bike and head out for a day of epic riding, views, and adventure. When you return, there’s a cold beverage (or more!) in the fridge and a refreshingly quick, but not hot, shower to remove the caked-on dust, sweat, and mud off your body. Watching the sun drop toward the horizon, you have time to prepare your fresh vegetable and Italian sausage pasta feast to help refuel for the next day.

Once the day’s events have been re-told and the yawns start to stretch out longer and longer, it’s time to slip back into your waiting bed and drift off to the sounds of the creek beside you. This is the freedom of Egoé Nestbox.

To learn more, check out Find the brand on social media and see how the Nestbox can open a frontier of possibilities to do all the things a world without walls can offer.

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