Eco Fashion Week: - Jeff Garner of Prophetik

This year, Eco Fashion week closed with a grand finale: Jeff Garner of Prophetik.  Known for his romantic and grand collections, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection did not disappoint.
The show opened with a short video and musical interlude, leading into a performance by Caitlin Crosby.  The collection drew influences from the 1950s, 1960s, and even the Victorian era.  With shoes from Lord’s, accessories byAdorn, bags by Divina Deneuvo, and music by Caitlin Crosby, the show was a collaboration of creativity and design.

Narrow shoulders and synched waists were paired with below the knee and floor length hemlines.  The runway turned regal with high collars, tapestry inspired fabrics, bell shaped silhouettes, lace sleeves, and larger than life gowns.

Men’s clothing incorporated Victorian and equestrian influences.  Riding pants, leather boots, vests, emphasized collars, and fitted jackets were combined with nontraditional colours to contrast the past and the present.

Draping, full skirts, cardigans, and puffed sleeves brought a heavy dose of femininity, while tight braids, dark lipstick, smokey eyes, and teased hair was an obvious contrast to some of the prim and proper silhouettes.
The Jeff Garner collection and Eco Fashion week closed with a final performance by Caitlin Crosby, and a short appearance by Jeff Garner himself.  Wearing a fitted riding jacket, and accompanied by a model in a lavish wedding gown, it was romance and fantasy at its best.

Images courtesy of Peter Jensen.


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