Eat Local Spotlight: Zimt artisan vegan chocolates

Dec 19 2017, 5:52 pm

This is the fifth article in our Eat Local Spotlight series highlighting local Vancouver food producers who have a mission to enhance our relationship to food.

Who isn’t looking for an excuse to eat more chocolate?

Emma Smith created Zimt artisan chocolates with a vision of delicious and and healthy chocolate that is raw, vegan and simple. What makes raw Zimt chocolate different than your conventional candy bar is there is only a small amount of coconut sugar, no preservatives and no filler ingredients.

Zimt Chocolate

Photo courtesy Zimt

In addition to creating tasty chocolate, Smith’s vision also includes creating an ethical and sustainable company that creates something for others. She supports her employees by paying above minimum wage, the packaging for the chocolates is recyclable and she recycles at the factory. In addition, Zimt donates 1% of their profits back to various charities that support the Zimt mission.

What makes Zimt chocolates stand out is the finer details: the chocolate is fermented and not processed under high heat, which retains many of the antioxidants and nutrients found in the cacao bean; they use only a few ingredients; all ingredients are organic; and they source from sustainable farmers who treat their employees well.

Photo Credit: Zimt

Photo courtesy Zimt

As a nutritionist I see people making health goals and then having a war of wills with themselves between resisting the foods they love most and the health they desire.

The problem with that approach is it sets up your health in opposition to the foods you want to eat and creates an unnecessary struggle for which one you want more.

There aren’t shortcuts for all parts of your diet, eating a primarily whole foods diet is the best thing you can do for yourself, and there are areas where you can still have your sweet tooth and be eating healthy at the same time.

Considering food and health from a broader lens and including sweets like Zimt is part of a healthy lifestyle that isn’t restrictive and still allows you to enjoy the foods you love, give back, and support local independent businesses.

Find where to purchase Zimt using their online guide.

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