5 easy hikes for lazy people in Vancouver

Jul 2 2016, 2:53 am

We’ve all heard the excuses before. You don’t have the right shoes, you can’t drive to the trailhead, you won’t get out of bed for less than $1,000…

Well, it’s time for Vancouver’s lazy ramblers to take a hike, literally.

So strap on some runners (or even better, actual hiking boots) and try out these five easy hikes for lazy people on Vancouver’s North Shore.

For your own safety, please make sure you are prepared before heading out on your next adventure. Information on how to prepare for your trip and stay safe while on your hike is available from North Shore Rescue and AdventureSmart.

Quarry Rock

What: A classic North Shore hike, up wooden stairs, over tree roots and small creeks, among Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees, to a rocky outcrop and beautiful views of Deep Cove.

How long: 1.5 hours or 3.8 km

Where: Starts and ends at the Baden Powell Trailhead – Panorama Drive, Deep Cove.

Get there: A 30-minute drive from downtown, or take the Seabus plus buses 239 then 212 instead.

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse- Vancouver

What: Lots of short, easy trails offering breathtaking ocean views, huge, old-growth Western Red Cedars and the picturesque picnic spot of Starboat Cove.

How long: Up to 2 hours or 6 km

Where: Starts and ends at Lighthouse Park parking lot – Beacon Lane, West Vancouver.

Get there: A 40-minute drive from downtown, or take bus 250 all the way there instead.

Capilano Pacific Park

What: This trail follows the Capilano River, taking you from pavement, rocky shores and beaches past steep cliffs and through thick rainforest to the imposing Cleveland Dam.

How long: 2 hours or 7.5 km

Where: Starts at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver, finishes at the Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver.

Get there: A 15-minute drive from downtown, or take bus 250 or 251 to a stop nearby instead.

Lynn Loop

Lynn Creek What: Enjoy a forest hike among Cedar and Hemlock trees, with views of Vancouver Island and some of the Gulf Islands, then stroll back along the gushing waters of Lynn Creek.

How long: 1.5 hours or 5.1 km

Where: Starts and ends in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park – Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver.

Get there: A 40-minute drive from downtown, or take the Seabus then 228 bus instead.

Cypress Falls


What: This easy hike takes you along Cypress Creek, through forests of moss-covered, old-growth trees, past views of two gorgeous waterfalls as they pour into the canyon below.

How long: 1.5 hours or 3 km

Where: Trail starts and ends at Cypress Falls Park – Woodgreen Place, West Vancouver.

Get there: A 30-minute drive from downtown, or take bus 253 Caufield all the way there instead.

Jenni SheppardJenni Sheppard