East Wing of Vancouver City Hall to be demolished

The East Wing of Vancouver City Hall will be demolished next year due to reports that have found that the four storey building is at a very high risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake.

By 2014, the building’s 400 city employees will be relocated to other office spaces within the vicinity, including to the recently renovated floors of the 1936-built City Hall main tower and the City-owned building on Cambie Street and West 10th Avenue, which currently houses Vancity Bank offices.

The 43-year old East Wing building was originally built as a temporary structure and while it would be possible to renovate it to seismic standards, the cost was deemed to be too great and the major changes required would create highly inefficient office spaces. Departments that will require relocation include the urban planning, permitting, and information technology units.

Demolition of the building is pending on City Council’s approval and the funding that will be required to undertake the project. It is not known what will replace the East Wing’s space once the building has been demolished.


Image: Beach650