Basically unusable scrap of East Vancouver land listed for $108K

Oct 29 2019, 2:27 pm

While there have been reports recently of some cooling in the market when it comes to Vancouver’s real estate scene, there are still numerous signs that the city is a pricy place to call home – even when a home can’t actually be built on the listed property.

That appears to be the case in this East Vancouver listing – specifically the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood – where purchasing this piece of property, which measures 9 ft. by 60 ft., will run you $108,000.

And if you’re thinking that this small plot – affectionately known as “Lot C” – might be the perfect place for a “tiny home,” you’re out of luck there as well, as the stipulations specifically state in all caps that you “CANNOT BUILD [a] TINY HOME.”

Century 21

East Vancouver

Century 21

So what are you to do, then?

Well, according to the listing, the best course of action is to consolidate [the lot] with the adjacent property – also for sale – at a listed price of $1,539,000.

This property “is one of the larger size lots (40’x100′) on the block with back lane access,” according to the listing. The house itself is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS,” the add states – again in all caps. The value here, it adds, “is in the land.”

So there you have it: For $1.5 million, plus an extra $108,000, you could be the proud owner of a home built in in 1911, and a little extra piece of land right beside it to call your own. A winning combination if we ever heard of one.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here’s the house.

Happy house hunting.