East Van Cross Red Flag Raised in Support of Quebec Students

A red flag was raised last Monday underneath the East Van Cross, officially named Monument for East Vancouver.  This left many wondering why?  The red flag is one of the symbols used during the Quebec student movement. The flag represents that many students are “squarely in the red.” Raising it under the EV Cross represents solidarity with our Quebec student brethren.

The red flag raised last Monday has since been removed. FYI there will be a rally tomorrow afternoon, May 29, 2012 in Vancouver as students will rally in support of the Quebec movement at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The rally is to start at 4pm.

For those unfamiliar with the Quebec rallies, students are upset over proposed tuition fee hikes and demonstrations have been going on for months now. Even with the proposed increases in fees, Quebec still has some of the lowest fees in the country.

Main image by EastVanSolidarity