East-coast anti-Sedin slant just one of HNIC's problems

Dec 20 2017, 3:37 am

After Canucks-media spent an entire week debating the over-the-top sports headline from one of the city’s newspapers, it’s nice to have an actual hockey play to discuss this week.

The Sedins made sure we’d have that with their “How you like me now?” fly-by of Florida’s bench after ending the Panthers’ 12-game winning streak. Daniel didn’t even say that much, yet he set off this scene in front of the team benches.


While Canucks fans and most around the league would see the Sedins’ actions as no big deal, and probably well-deserved considering Shawn Thornton’s smart-ass remarks before overtime, a couple of loud hockey reporters had more perplexing takes.

One player’s demeanour and personality being tainted by another’s just because they have the same employer? That’s a stretch.

Imagine if we stopped listening to the great insight from Elliotte Friedman because… I won’t finish this thought.

I got blocked by both reporters for suggesting such ideas.

I should note the ban on viewing their tweets has been lifted 24 hours later.

Later in the day, Ray Ferraro, another well-respected hockey voice, said pretty much the same thing on TSN 1040 airwaves.

“What would Daniel and Henrik have to do with anything Burrows said ten years ago or five years ago or two weeks ago?” Ferraro said. “It’s got nothing to do with them.”

So… was Ferraro blocked by Cox too?

While Ferraro’s take on Cox’s and Spector’s comments was on point, the Province’s Ben Kuzma outdid him.

“I’m so sick and tired of people outside Vancouver telling me about the Canucks. I’ve covered this team for 16 fricking years and I’ve got people in Toronto or Edmonton or whoever, telling me about their culture, telling me about Daniel and Henrik Sedin, telling me about their fabric or what they are,” said Kuzma on TSN 1040.

“Daniel Sedin’s a lowlife? We should all subscribe to be like Daniel Sedin. I would love to be like Daniel Sedin. He’s one of the best things I’ve ever come across in all my years of journalism…”

“If you want to use the term ‘lowlife’, there are lowlifes in the media who look at the Sedins and have never really appreciated how good they are.”

Back to Hockey Night in Canada, it’s no secret hockey fans across the country have been unhappy with what Sportsnet has done to our favourite hockey show.

As of December, HNIC’s ratings are down again this season. Saturday’s early games have taken a seven per cent hit in viewers, not nearly offset by the one per cent increase on the late games.

Replacing the knowledgeable and respected Ron MacLean with a guy who’s skill is buttering up his co-hosts and guests was only the start.

(This isn’t meant as an attack on George Strombopolous, it’s just that MacLean was so damn good at what he did.)

Adding a new cast, shortening Coach’s Corner, and removing Behind the Mask didn’t help, while Nick Kypreos waving around a hockey stick standing on a floor made of TVs is just weird.

Remember the days you’d look forward to CBC’s intermission programming? Satellite Hotstove, Coach’s Corner, and Behind the Mask brought insight, analysis, rumours, and entertainment.

Nowadays the flashy set is the strongest feature.

And the “mute” and “last channel” buttons are happy with their increased roles.

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