Early Morning Thought: Snow Days

Dec 19 2017, 3:59 am


Remember when you were a kid and you would pray for a snow day. Well as we tacked on the years the notion of snow on city streets became less and less appealing to the majority of Vancouverites. Hell, it is not like we get snow days at the office and everyone gets a day off. The show must go on and even if we couldn’t make it to work many of us stress out on the the pile of paperwork, emails and voice messages that surely awaits us upon our triumphant return. We do have some tips for driving in the snow for you so you can make it to work.

Also remember what happened last year as entire streets where shut down, buses rerouted, transit users having to go through a mountain of snow just to get to the bus, cars double parked on major streets and that doesn’t include the side streets and alleys. With snowfall expected this weekend, I sure hell don’t want to see that again. We let Mr. Robertson get away with the mishandling of last years snowfall, this year he shouldn’t be so lucky.

This brings me to the new bylaw the City of Vancouver (CoV) has enacted, this bylaw states that all city sidewalks must be cleared of snow by 10 am. Great idea, but how is city hall going to enforce this? I remember last year our building manager didn’t clear the snow for days and that was in a high rise building on a busy downtown street.  Furthermore, the city better clear the way for buses as transit users were left to fend for themselves as the slip-slided their way into the bus and if a car is left stranded on the street, call a freakin’ tow truck asap!

With the city fighting a budget shortfall, I’m sure everyone is praying for a light snow fall, if any. However, after last years snowgate, Mayor Happy Planet you better pick up a damn shovel or it’s off with his head.

Note: I voted for Vision Vancouver, so I can slag them all I want ha ha!

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