Early Morning Thought: Protesting is Cool

Dec 19 2017, 3:55 am


Protesting seems to be the hip thing to do for the much maligned crowd. The same people who would rather not really work hard for a living, whilst making fun of young professional “yuppies” for you know actually having a career and working for a living. Furthermore, these are the same people who scream that the Olympics are an injustice and claim the Olympics are going to be held on stolen native land. True, but these claims are coming from people  who probably own rent on this very stolen native they complain about. Hypocrisy much? You may feel free to go back to Europe anytime you like if you truly feel your cause is just.

Further, this past weekend protesters disrupted the torch relay. However, here is the kicker they disrupted the portion of a 17 year old disabled teen. How bad ass of you fools.
They claimed victory as they disrupted the torch relay. Really? You freaking morons can’t claim any victory unless the Olympics are stopped, homelessness issues are resolved or at the very least the rest of the torch relay is canned altogether. News flash none of this is going to happen, and the local media doesn’t really give a rats ass about your needs. Like Gordo said you can’t win. Also making little children cry is so cool. Egregious.

“We’re forcing the torch to change the route,” they chanted. “We have succeeded in blocking the torch.”
No you did not succeed as wait…the relay goes on and all you did was make it more difficult for a disabled teen to fulfill one of his life’s dream. Great job asshats, carry on.

I believe in their right to protest, but if you break the rules, don’t scream bloody murder when the police break your nose. Viz.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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