Early Morning Thought: Granville Street

Dec 19 2017, 11:51 am

The people in charge of construction for the Granville Street redesign need to get their shit together. How long has it been? This just goes to show that the city and most municipal workers are a waste space an money. I think it’s about time for your 2 hour long coffee break boys (and girls). At the end of the day all this work is to widen sidewalks (which was needed). However it is not going to be the true pedestrian only street, which it should be, unless of course you are a suburban douchebag looking for a fight on Friday and Saturday night then the whole street is your battlefield. I digress.

Please Mr. Robertson get off your bike and do something. This city hasn’t had a decent mayor in a long long time, I urge you to have conjure up a “vision” for where Vancouver is heading, other than your cyclist’s utopia and half-assed homelessness solutions. Also don’t be afraid to crack the whip and shake things up once in a well. Think Big and beyond the Downtown and Broadway corridor.

Bottom Line: A lot city workers are fucking lazy. Quit staring at the one guy doing the work and pick up a shovel.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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