Dwight Howard heading to the Lakers?

As reported last night by Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM.com and Chris Broussard of ESPN, Dwight Howard is ready to commit to the Los Angeles Lakers long term.   This doesn’t mean the Lakers have the big man yet, but are definitely close to acquiring Howard from the Magic.  Houston for days now have been rumored to be the “facilitators” in a potential trade that would send Howard to the Lakers, however the Cavaliers are now the new front runners to be a part of the trade.

A couple of weeks ago, Cleveland was rumored to be a part of the deal that would send Howard to the Nets in a massive deal, but the Magic eventually opted out of that deal, and looked to other offers as they didn’t feel with what they were getting back wouldn’t benefit them long term.

The framework for the potential deal that would send Howard to the Lakers would be as followed:  Cavaliers will acquire: Andrew Bynum for a package of draft picks, the Lakers would receive Howard for Bynum, and Orlando would get Power Forward, Anderson Varejao from the Cavaliers and a package of draft picks.  But this was just a snapshot of a deal being discussed.

The Lakers have engaged both the Rockets and Cavaliers in their attempt to land Howard from Orlando, because both teams have a huge interest in Andrew Bynum and have the cap room to accept him.  The Lakers will continue discussions with the Magic, Cavs, and Rockets today for the deal with Howard, but the longer this process could drag on, the more it complicates other team’s offseason game plans, so expect this deal to be done soon.

If for some reason a Howard deal doesn’t go through, expect the Lakers to quickly turn their attention to resuming extension talks with Bynum and re-signing forward Jordan Hill.

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