Dunbar Haunted House closing its doors after 10 years

Dec 19 2017, 4:36 pm

Vancouver’s most celebrated haunted house will be closing its doors for good as the Dunbar Haunted House will be putting the ghosts and ghouls back in captivity after a decade of haunting Vancouverites. 

The haunted house started with humble beginnings at 6478 Dunbar Street by Vancouver Film School teacher Brad Leith and his girlfriend and two other people. In its first year only 100 people came through. This year they expect well over 14,000 visitors to be scared to death at the house’s new location in Marpole. Last year they raised over $67,000 for charity. They expect to raise the same amount this year.

“The main reason this is the last year we are hosting the haunt is that we are getting old and our bodies are starting to break down,” Leith said. “We want to end the haunt while we are still able to maintain the quality and originality our patron’s have come to expect year after year. This year’s haunt took 11 months to design and set-up. Our bodies need a break.”

When asked if the haunt can be saved or passed on to someone else to takeover, Leith wasn’t sure if anyone would be up to the arduous task.

“I don’t know if the haunt can be saved,” Leith said. “It would take a big time and financial commitment from someone to do it. We have paid for all the props and costumes over the years. Our motivation for hosting the haunt has been to provide community service and to raise money for charity.

“We hope that even though the Dunbar Haunt will end this season, other people will start their own haunts. My original inspiration came from my memories of people decorating their homes and scaring me as a child.”

The Dunbar Haunted House will run until October 31. For more information, check out our original article on the Dunbar Haunted House, which contains all the time, date and location details.

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