Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thank healthcare workers at BC hospital (VIDEO)

Jul 2 2020, 9:34 am

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a few minutes to personally thank a group of healthcare workers in British Columbia.

A seven-minute clip, which was shared by the Royal Family on Canada Day, shows the conversation between the Duke and Duchess and frontline staff at the Surrey Memorial Hospital.

In addition to expressing their appreciation, the two members of the Royal Family asked frontline workers about what their experience of working during the coronavirus has been like, as well as the challenges and difficulties that they faced.

“We’ve been really, really fortunate, we’ve had tremendous leadership,” says one frontline worker, who notes that they’ve been planning for the pandemic since February.

“We’ve made it through the surge and now we’re into the recovery phase,” he adds. “We’re trying to take stock of all our stories and what we’ve been through, and find the meaning of everything we’ve lost and gained.”

Another challenge for both hospital staff and patients, according to another frontline worker, has been “not being able to have families come in,” preventing them from getting to know the families and the patients better.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear,” said the Duchess. “You guys see that and feel that on a daily basis.”

“All these changes, it’s entirely for you, personal for you, but also then you’re on the front line and supporting al the patients and families that you care for,” she adds. “It’s an amazing role that you’re playing and a hugely tough one as well, so we’re in huge admiration for everything you’re doing.”

Another frontline worker involved in the call discussed the challenges of working while being pregnant, especially how it impacted her mental health.

“We just wanted to touch base and say how proud we are of all of you,” said the Duke. “Everyone on the front line, who have led the way very stoically, very bravely and put patient care right at the top of the list and have done a fantastic job.”