Dude Chilling Park sign vandalized... again

Dec 19 2017, 7:38 pm

For the second time this summer, the Dude Chilling Park public art sign at Vancouver’s Guelph Park has been vandalized.

Earlier today, graffiti was spotted on the sign: the word “Dude” was scratched out and replaced with “Girl” while the female symbol was sprayed on top of the word “Park”.

In July, the sign was vandalized with a tag that read “SASSSSSY!”. After it appeared in the park as a prank in late-2012, supporters of the sign convinced the Vancouver Park Board in February 2014 to grant public art designation approval.

The City of Vancouver has said that the new graffiti will be cleaned up by this afternoon. Some have shared on social media that the incident is not isolated; similar female gender tags have shown up elsewhere, perhaps indicating a feminist vandalism is responsible.


Featured Image: Sheila Scott via Twitter

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