Dude "Knitting" Park? Sign stolen again, replaced with crocheted version

Jan 6 2022, 1:05 am

The saga of people stealing the Dude Chilling Park sign in Mount Pleasant continues, but this time it’s a little bit weirder.

Welcome to Dude Knitting Park…

What exactly are we talking about?

Someone stole the original sign, and now it has been replaced by a crocheted version.

According to a source on Twitter, the crocheted version of the sign was created by Deirdre Pinnock, a notable “yarn bomber” in the city. Pinnock took credit for the new sign on her Facebook page.

Pinnock did not steal the original sign, but replaced it as an act of goodwill.

A history of theft

The sign has been stolen multiple times over the past several years, with the most recent theft taking place in February last year. A week later, the sign was replaced.

The Vancouver Park Board suggested “vandals” had made off with the sign.

The Vancouver Park Board told Daily Hive that crews are investigating the situation, and if the sign was indeed stolen it would be replaced.

Dude Chilling Park, formerly named Guelph Park, is located at 2930 Brunswick Street, Vancouver.

In the meantime, maybe we could call it Dude Knitting Park?

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