'Dude Chilling Park' sign receives city approval as public art

Dec 19 2017, 9:35 am

More than a year after the ‘Dude Chilling Park’ sign made its first appearance at Mount Peasant’s Guelph Park, the Vancouver Park Board has approved the return of the sign to the East Vancouver park as public art.

The “Dude Chilling Park” sign will be installed in the Brewery Creek Community Garden, close to its original location. The sign was originally created as a prank by local artist Viktor Briestensky who replicated the Park Board’s standardized signage design and typeface.

The park was even temporarily renamed as ‘Dude Chilling Park’ on Google Maps and it gained social media virality.

Supporters originally wanted to rename Guelph Park to ‘Dude Chilling Park,’ but the likelihood of that succeeding was remote. Instead, supporters and Park Board officials reached an agreement with re-installing the sign as a permanent piece to the park. The sign was formally approved in a Park Board vote last night.

Image: Andrea Woo