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Dec 19 2017, 12:38 pm

This winter in greater Vancouver it is supposed to be a lot colder then previous years. Thanks to the La Nina weather and ocean system taking over the Pacific region.
It is important to take preventative measures for your home to ensure your family is safe and comfortable this holiday season when temperatures can drop below zero. One of the best ways to do this is get your HVAC system serviced. Whether you have a gas furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning unit, they all depend on clean air ducts and vents to run at an optimal level each season. Getting your ducts cleaned, both dryer and forced air, will not only keep your heating costs down but will ensure that you use less energy, which is good for the environment.

Studies have shown that a blocked air duct system and gas furnace air filter can decrease efficiency by up to 50%. Leaving you the homeowner, with inferior comfort levels and higher then normal heating bills. You can also cut down your costs other ways by using Energy Star approved appliances, light bulbs, and windows. Making sure all airflow in and out of your house is sealed properly using caulking or weather stripping. The main problem areas are the attic and basement where house shifting over the years can cause leaks. When seeking a professional contractor to do this seasonal work you must read online reviews and see who is the best candidate.
Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning is a Vancouver based company that specializes in duct cleaning for residential and commercial applications. They also have a full service department and all of the top products for furnace, air conditioning, and heat pump installations. Having been in business for over a decade, they definitely know their stuff. They have a specialized duct cleaning truck, highlighted in the video below, and fulltime service men that do this type of work, day in and day out 365 days a year. You can contact them at their website on the link above or by calling 604.466.5895.
They are offering VanCity Buzz readers a special heavily discounted deal on duct cleaning, normally $499 for a complete home cleaning now for only $299. Which includes vents, ductwork throughout the home, a new furnace filter, and dryer vent cleaning. Companies like Sears charge up to $800 for a service like this. This offer is available until January 1st 2011. Make sure you mention where you saw this deal to take advantage of the offer when you call in.
The Old Farmers Almanac and the NASA website say that the biggest snow falls this winter will be mid to late December and mid to late February. So it’s best to act now to take advantage of this opportunity before the snow falls.

The process is as follows:

– Your floors are protected with blankets to ensure nothing is damaged when the work is completed
– The hoses are ran from the duct cleaning truck into the house where the central air system starts, usually right beside the furnace
– Your existing filter is covered in a plastic bag to seal off the air ducts
– A hole is cut in the forced air system and a vacuum hose is attached, which is connected to the truck outside
– Once attached your air ducts are placed under powerful vacuum, at 12,500 CFM flow, which is 40 times stronger then portable cleaning units or carpet cleaners
– They clean all of your vents and ducts with a specialized attachment that spins at a high velocity to remove hair, dust, debris, etc
– This is all vacuumed out with the truck and removed from the home
– They place a specialized inflated bag above the furnace to protect it from falling debris, keeping it clean
– The entire length of each vent line in every room is dusted to remove obstructions and bring them back to initial airflow quality
– Organic based disinfectant is used on each heat run and vent
– The vents themselves (both in floor and on the roof) are scrubbed thoroughly in each room with soapy water and a brush
– Everything is double and triple checked for being complete
– The vacuum line is then removed from the air ducts and the same Organic based disinfectant is used
– This opening is sealed off with a piece of sheet metal, duct screws, and metal tape to ensure it is 100% airtight
– Your old air filter is removed and replaced with a new one

– The whole area is swept and cleaned up and you are left with a perfectly functioning home HVAC system

– Take advantage of the savings and increased efficiency


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