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The dream team behind Dream Homes on Shaw

DH Vancouver Staff May 28, 2014 8:03 am

It was a terribly cold day in Whistler, at least for someone like me who feels like a skinned chicken standing in a snowstorm every time the wind blows.

However, Bianca Solterbeck and Peter Verge, hosts of the brilliantly waggish, Leo nominated Shaw series, “Dream Homes,” were nothing but smiles in their warm, plush and exceptionally expensive (rented) jackets.

Spending a day behind the scenes with the crew gave but a glimpse into the hilarity that is their every day lives. While the scene of Bianca eating an entire Beaver Tail in front of Peter will look fantastic in post-production, it was just as funny as a front row spectator in real time. Did they go bobsledding for the sake of the episode? Yes. Did they place the top time? You will have to tune in to see the results, but the answer is most likely yes.

Bianca: I was so nervous to go bobsledding! I enjoy a low risk lifestyle so I was a little out of my element. But I knew Peter was excited to do it, and I didn’t want to miss out on an incredible opportunity. But don’t get me wrong, I was taking some serious notes during the safety session.

Peter: In the days leading up to our shoot in Whistler I wasn’t nervous at all about bobsledding but once we were at the top of the track I definitely felt a bit nervous knowing we’d be going down a frozen waterslide in an adult toboggan. Thankfully the sled driver was fun, professional and relaxed, which really helped. It was an extremely intense experience but I’m really glad we did it. It was a bucket list item I don’t regret and I would highly recommend trying it.

Their personalities may have been the only thing that warmed my soul that day, as I trotted around Whistler without any of the proper snow gear. Naturally, the question everyone always wants to know is if these seemingly preppy people ever take some time off to dislike one another.

Bianca: I have a fabulous relationship with Peter, he calls me his “work wife,” and I probably laugh harder at his jokes than anyone else! I think we’re both still a little surprised by the amount of people who say we have great chemistry on TV.  I think in our case, we just got lucky.  We’re always true to who we are off camera and so far it’s working for us.

Peter agrees.

The only place the pair feels out of place, is when they are working on the actual premise of the show – exploring multimillion dollar homes.

Peter: I’m always scared I’m going to break something but thankfully I have avoided that (so far). The reason we feel so comfortable is because the homeowners are always so warm and welcoming and truly allow us to make ourselves at home.

Bianca: I was certain my one bedroom apartment in Kits must feel like a prison cell to the homeowners I was meeting. Then I realized not everyone can live in a million dollar home, but most of us can do a couple of things to make our house or apartment feel like a dream home.

Peter: I think our viewers would be surprised how small our team actually is. We have a core team of 4 people: myself, Bianca and two editors (Kendra Hart and Milan Wejr). We do have some camera operators who join us for shoots but overall our team is small and I feel our editors do such an incredible job making us look good (which isn’t easy). Also I think people would be surprised that sometimes we even get to spend the night in the dream homes, again showing how nice and welcoming the homeowners are.

And no interview would be complete without asking something completely absurd, like how they would describe one another to an alien?

Bianca: You’ll know Peter because whoever is standing next to him is laughing.

Peter: If I had to describe Bianca to an alien I’d say she’s similar to your average earthling. She eats, breaths and likes to have fun. Bianca always dresses well and is very friendly but she has one of the messiest desks I’ve ever seen. You’ll often find papers and the contents of her purse strewn across her desk but that’s all a part of her creative process and she always makes sure it’s clean by Friday afternoon.

The series airs Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday at 8 p.m. on Channel 4! Tune in on Sunday, May 25, to watch the dream team of Dream Homes in Whistler. You’ll see what I mean.

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