Draft lottery just another example of 'Canuck luck'

Dec 19 2017, 9:39 pm

If you’ve been a Canucks fan for more than a handful of years, you weren’t surprised with the result of Saturday’s NHL Draft Lottery.

How could you?

As a Canucks fan, you’ve been through a lot. You’re used to getting your heart broken. You’re used to what is commonly known as ‘Canuck luck’.

As disappointing as it is, math actually dictated that picking fifth (38% chance) was the most likely scenario for the Canucks. But picking somewhere in the top-3 was close behind, at around 33%.


So to say the Canucks were unlucky isn’t accurate. It was mathematically more likely that they would drop down than keeping a top-3 spot.

But they certainly weren’t lucky either.

That was also the case in 1970 when they joined the league and picked second while their expansion cousins, the Buffalo Sabres, picked Hall of Fame centre Gilbert Perreault with the number one pick.

Vancouver was actually reasonably decent during their inaugural season in the NHL, which allowed them to finish 3rd-last. That meant the 3rd pick in the 1971 Draft. Who was the first pick that year you ask? Guy Lafleur. Second? Marcel Dionne.

The Canucks got Jocelyn Guevremont.

In 47 drafts since they’ve been in the National Hockey League, the Canucks have never picked 1st overall.

In any other year, the Canucks would have selected third overall, given that the worst team (Toronto) won the lottery. But Canuck luck: they finish third-last in a year where the second and third picks were decided by a lottery for the first time. This, in a year where the top-3 were a cut above everyone else.

The Canucks have finished with the third-worst record in the NHL on ten occasions, but have only been dead-last once. That was in 1972, the same year two expansion teams entered the league, so Vancouver chose 3rd.

Canuck luck.

Vancouver is also the only franchise to have lost a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final – and they’ve done that twice – without having won another Cup.

Canuck luck.

Still, you have to admire the passion of the Canucks fanbase – the real fans – who showed up at the Canucks official draft lottery party on Saturday.

Fans in this city are down on the team, but they still care.

Canucks fans packed the Boston Pizza Stadium location on a sunny Saturday afternoon, to watch Bill Daly open envelopes. They were loud and they were passionate.

I heard more ‘Go Canucks Go’ chants on Saturday than I did in the last 20 games at Rogers Arena. Kirk McLean and Fin drew huge cheers.

Oilers fans were booed. The Leafs were booed.

Of course the party ended in disappointment – Canuck luck – but we should be used to that by now.

One day our time will come, Vancouver. One day.




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