Downtown Eats: The American Cheesesteak Company

Dec 19 2017, 5:13 am

About a month ago, Anthony Sedlak from Food Network opened up The American Cheesesteak Company on Davie by Howe. Serving up traditional and specialty cheesesteak sandwiches, this place is great for a quick lunch or dinner.

All the sandwiches are all made to order, so once you make your choice, your shaved prime rib gets thrown on a nice hot grill. Within minutes, the meat is cooked, a bun warmed and the whole thing gets passed onto the “dressing station”, where you sandwich is customized.

The first item is The New Yorker, one of the three “traditional” items on the menu. It is the only traditional one with fresh veggies. After the prime rib is cooked, it’s topped with sauteed mushrooms & peppers. Then it goes to the dressing station, where they add fresh shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The gooey sauce you see there? House made roasted garlic mayo. The sandwich is big (a 9-incher) and super messy. The sauce and cheese whiz was dripping down my arm, but was it ever tasty!

Another one that I liked was Le Bifteck, a Specialty sandwich made with Double Cream Brie, I had enough of the Cheese Whiz with my first one. They top this with fresh arugula, a caramelized onion compote and a dose of dijon. The cheese melted until it because a part of the sauce. The arugula helps a bit to cut the richness, but when arugula and brie duke it out, the victor will be brie, everytime!

Another popular choice is The Cowboy, also made with the prime rib but customized with bacon mayo, fried onion strings, cheddar and a sweet but spicy bbq sauce. Yeah, this is a BBQ on a bun.

Not a meat lover? Try the Chicken Milanese. A breaded chicken breast is thinly sliced, and then topped with a tasty trio of grilled mushrooms, onions and peppers. Then they add fontina cheese, a mild but gooey cheese that showcases the flavours of the tomato sauce, also homemade.

No sandwich is complete without fries, so I added the ACC Fries to my meal. These fries are tossed with garlic, topped with shredded parmesan and parsley. Skip the ketchup and try their Truffle Aioli Dip. Can you see the specks of truffle in there?
These sandwiches are crazy fresh and their prices are affordable, about $12/each for each sandwich I had. Check this place out next time you’re hungry or thirsty…yes, they’re licensed but they also served a selection of bottled sodas.

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