ShopandShout gives influencers free stuff for living their lives

May 8 2018, 6:20 pm

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The platform

ShopandShout is a marketplace where influencers get products and services in exchange for social posts online (called shoutouts) – no money required. It’s revolutionizing the way brands reach an audience, and what it means to be an influencer. The marketplace has national and local brands eager to work with all types and “levels” of influencers. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, there’s something for everyone.

In short: You can get free stuff for being popular. Thank you, 2018.


Why it’s a big deal

Whether you’re a foodie, fashionista, beauty expert, a techie, fitness fanatic, or someone who’s passionate about health and wellness, ShopandShout has products that mesh with your interests for $0, in return for a fun shoutout online.

The platform is geared towards millennials, as well as the connected generation of parents, young professionals, and students. This gives everyone a chance to be part of the influencer scene! Plus, you get to choose the products you want, when you want.

For brands – it’s the fastest way to reach targeted micro-influencers at scale, especially if you have a smaller social team, because the platform is totally automated. Why micro influencers? Who’s opinion would you trust anyways – someone within a familiar community or some celebrity with obvious incentives to post online?

How it works

Brands upload products and services in the marketplace tied to influencer, and shoutout requirements. The influencer requirements include your reach, location, age, engagement rates, and soon overall Klout in a category.

This means that the more followers, Klout, and engagement you have, the more shoutouts you can access. And to start working with ShopandShout, you only need 500 Instagram followers or more. That’s right, so you don’t need to be a 100K influencer to get in on brand endorsement. 


If you meet the influencer requirements, the shoutout requirements are like instructions for your post. Combined, they’re like currency on ShopandShout – making the platform a true influencer marketplace, available online 24/7 with no wait times for campaign approvals.

So, let’s go over that one more time.

You begin by signing up on the ShopandShout homepage as an influencer. You’ll get an email with a link to verify your account, and connect your social channels. Then, you’re off – shopping for brands that mesh with your social persona.

Remember, you need a credit card to checkout – this is a safety mechanism built to protect the brands from fraudulent social accounts. A hold is taken, and then released once your shoutout is complete as per the requirements.

After checkout, you’ll get an email with the details on claiming your offer (schedule delivery, pick-up, or make a reservation/appointment). When you receive the product, you give it an awesome shoutout.

And that’s that – keep the product, enjoy the experience!

Experience a new brand

Be part of the Influencer revolution by signing up to ShopandShout today and selecting brands that vibe with your social persona. Brands, want a more efficient way of driving Influencer campaigns? [email protected] is waiting for you, too. 

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