Download This App: Glance Pay wants you to never wait for the bill again

Mar 14 2018, 5:17 am

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The app

Glance Pay imagines a world where the slow, silent torture of waiting for a bill at a restaurant is a thing of the past. Think of the friendships and relationships that will be saved, and you’ll understand the true value of this Canadian app.

Why it’s a big deal

Removing the headache from paying your bill at busy restaurants (or anywhere, really) has become a challenge that many apps have attempted to solve, yet few have mastered. Glance Pay, on the other hand, seeks to perfect this formula by offering users the ability to earn rewards and incentives towards further discounts at their favorite businesses. Couple that with an easy to navigate interface and it’s a no-brainer why Glance Pay is the foremost leader in that field for Canadians.

It’s currently available in hundreds of locations across the country and has recently launched new locations in the US. With a growing list of partnering businesses, it’s only a matter of time before Glance Pay is available anywhere you want a haircut, a hamburger, or even a hockey stick.

The app is simple to use, too. No more watching a group of adults fail to do basic division as they split the cheque. As soon as the bill is in your hands, you’re a quick photo away from settling payment, collecting your rewards, and heading out the door.

How Glance Pay works/Image: Glance Pay

How it works

It’s all about accessibility. Glance Pay is available on iOS and Android, in both U.S. and Canadian app stores. All you need to do is download the free app, activate your account, and you’re good to go! There are no charges, no hassle. You’ll never be far from a spot where you can start earning rewards, and you’ll find all Glance Pay locations listed on the app.

Business owners will love with this app, too, because staff instantly receive a notification on the system when someone has successfully completed a Glance Pay transaction. Everyone gets what they’re owed and no one has to awkwardly witness a group of old college friends argue over how much a friend who only ordered a water and “shared” everyone else’s meals owes on the bill.

(Too real? Alright.)

Download this app

Glance Pay is proudly Canadian with a North American reach, and the team is based in Vancouver. Get it now at the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

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