Surprise your lover with Doritos Ketchup Roses this Valentine's Day

Dec 19 2017, 8:04 pm

Every year guys go out of their way to express their love on Valentine’s Day. They book your fancy dinner, get the flowers and buy the chocolate – but what do they get in return? 

Simply put, guys are often left out of the equation. Give back to them this year and declare your love for the special guy in your life with a bold statement that will rev up their tastebuds: the Doritos Ketchup Roses. 

Whether your status is “in a relationship” or “it’s complicated,” Doritos can help you turn his Valentine’s Day into something special. This elegant bouquet of 12-long-stem roses made from tangy Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips will impress your lover.

Each rose is hand-crafted with delicate petals, hand-selected from the finest Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips. 

Image: Long-stem Doritos Roses

Image: Long-stem Doritos Roses

The best part? Consumers across Canada can order these beautiful, unique and FREE bouquets for delivery to their loved ones in select Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal addresses from February 9 by visiting

This is the perfect gift for lovers in Vancouver who want to do something different this Valentine’s Day. Just contact your friendly neighbourhood Doritos Ketchup Roses team and they’ll have them fetched right to your man’s front door.

These roses are hand-crafted with love so they’re only available for a short period of time and in very limited quantities. Order a delicious bouquet and make your man’s stomach growl with love. 

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