Don't lose it. Linquet.

Linquet is a high tech solution that helps you prevent losing your valuables. The Vancouver based company reached their crowd-funding goal a full month in advance. Find out why people believe in the product that makes losing your valuables a thing of the past.

In essence, Linquet is a chip that you can attach to your valuables like your keys, wallet or cell phone. After linq’ing it to the smart phone app, the Linquet will ring at the touch of a button, helping you find what you’ve misplaced. Think of it like the find button on a cordless phone, except that you can put it on anything. This device goes a step further by making an audible alarm and notifying your smart phone when you’ve left something behind while you’re out and about. This is perfect for important day-to-day items that are too valuable to replace, like camera bags left at a lunch table or a laptop bag that is being stolen.

Linquet Samsung Half

Linquets are a low profile and functional tool through its design and customizability. The device is slightly larger than quarter and can be attached or hooked to anything. You can set the distance for each device using a simple interface. And you can silence the alarm during work hours for those times you leave your purse at your desk when in the office. The entire system uses Cloud technology that time stamps each notification, which can help you find things if you were unable to hear the alarm. It also allows trusted friends and loved ones to also help you keep a tab on your stuff with their own smart phones. Because of the cloud service, each Linquet has the monthly cost of $2.99 per month, with discounts when you purchase multiple devices.

The Vancouver based company reached their crowd-funding goal of $20,000, which they received through 354 backers. This was done with a full month to spare on their original deadline sparking the company’s optimism and interest in hiring marketers and software developers to help them maintain their momentum. Since starting the crowd-funding campaign, the company is already improving the app and it is now available for both iOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

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I’m sure you’ve had the moment where you’ve felt anxiety because you were in a rush because your keys or wallet were misplaced. Or, you’ve felt it when you’ve gone to the supermarket with your kid or you’ve let your dog off the leash at a park. You’ve probably also felt it while gone travelling where you’ve misplaced your camera or passport. With the Linquet that anxiety is a thing of the past.