Dogs Don Drag for Vancouver Pride

Dec 19 2017, 8:03 am

Feathered headdresses, fishnet stockings and Marti Gras beads are regular fixtures at Vancouver Pride Week festivities, but this year the partying has really gone to the dogs.

Like, honestly, it just happened, and it was absolutely FABULOUS.

Four –legged furry friends in Vancouver showed their puppy pride week spirit Thursday night with a “dogs in drag” costume contest, complete with pink carpet.


Staff at Barking Babies in Yaletown invited pet parents to let their freak flag fly and create their most ah-mah-zing drag costumes for their pooches for this year’s “Life is a Cabaret” theme. And quite a scene it was, with a Yorkshire terrier in barrettes and a pink boa, and a wee Chihuahua sporting a bedazzled crown.

And of course, what catwalk competition would be a complete without a fabulous judge? I mean, American’s Next Top Model has Tyra Banks, but this paw-ty has someone much more fabulous: A Cher impersonator (Think about the video for ‘If I could turn back time, and then times it by 100).

Guests were also encouraged to dress up as the Pupparazzi snapped pictures of guests and their gay-friendly four-legged pals.

Barking Babies manager Caolaidhe Lundy said the dog boutique was thrilled to show support for pride week.

“Gay pride is a huge event in Vancouver and we want to make this a fun and unique party to celebrate” she said.

Boutique owner Nancy Jelenic is sending all party proceeds and donations from the party to the Senior Animals in Need Today Society in Mission. If you’ve never heard of it, SAINTS is a farm that takes in abandoned, sick and senior animals so that they can live out their life in dignity. I recommend any pet lover to check out their open house day, and if you can, donate.

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