Dogs come before spouses for most British Columbians (POLL)

Aug 11 2016, 7:09 pm

It’s puppy love taken to a whole new level. Most British Columbians love their dog more than their spouse, according to a new study by Insights West.

The progressive research company conducted the online survey between July 24 and July 29, surveying 879 people in BC about dogs.

It found 54% of dog owners said there are days when they love their dog more than their spouse, partner or significant other, with 99% saying their dogs are part of the family.

And it seems those beloved canines are deal breakers too. Some 80% of dog owners said they would not date or marry a person who did not like their dog.

Non-dog owners seem OK about that though – 73% said they would be happy to date or marry someone with a dog. So there’s hope for dog lovers yet.

Anyone up for dog sitting?

One thing that might get in the way though, is the lack of a dog sitter.

More than half – 58% – of dog owners surveyed said they have missed a party or social night because they didn’t want to leave their dog alone.

Maybe dog sitting dates are the answer?

What’s more, there seems to be some discrepancy between how dog owners think they behave – and the impression non-dog owners have of them.

While 95% of dog owners surveyed said they always pick up after their dog, 93% of non-dog owners said they have seen pet owners not picking up.

Also, while 75% of dog owners say they always leash their dog when it is outside, 96% of non-dog owners say they have seen unleashed dogs.

Sounds suspicious to us.

Doggy dress up

Ultimately though, there’s only one question that needs to be asked – would they dress their dog up?

Some 41% of dog owners surveyed said they had bought clothes for their dog. Rather damningly, only 18% of non-dog owners said they would do that.

If only we could ask the dogs what they think about it…

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