Dog left for dead in Vancouver Dumpster

In sad and shocking news, yesterday a 2-year-old male German Shepherd was left clinging for his life in a garbage dumpster in Kitsilano. Who would do such a thing? The dogs name was Captain an ex police dog reject. He apparently flunked out of the police academy due to his friendly nature. According to the B.C. SPCA, the dog went into cardiac arrest Thursday evening just before 6 p.m. and vets worked on him for 30 minutes but could not revive him.

Having heard this news Virgin radio personalities Nat & Drew took it upon themselves to do something about it. They started a donation campaign, here’s what they had to say:

This should never have happened. But it did and it happens to animals all the time – most cases just don’t make the news. In honour of Captain we want to do something to help….and we need you.

The SPCA states that BC has some of the best animal cruelty laws in the country but to gather evidence and help prosecute these cases it costs a lot of money….on average…$10,000 for just one case. ONE. Let’s raise $10,000 in memory of Captain. If we can — let’s raise more…lots more! All the money donated here will go to the BC SPCA’s animal cruelty division which not only helps prosecute animal abusers it provides emergency care and helps nurse abused animals back to help.

What Can You Do?

Just donate what you can. 20 dollars, 10, 5 dollars or even 1…’s all of us pulling together that is going to make the difference here. We can’t save Captain but we can help other animals in need in his memory, and try to insure that those that commit these heinous acts pay for them.

Spread the word. Please share this with as many people as you can. Captain’s story is news right now – sadly in a few days Captain will be forgotten by almost all, except those that saw his brave struggle to stay alive.

You can donate below or click on this link. Please spread the word of this campaign. Thank you.

Photograph by: Submitted, RCMP