Do the Lion Shuffle

Dec 19 2017, 8:24 am

With all the stoppages in between plays during a football game, players need to find different ways to keep loose and stay warm. The B.C. Lions defense got a little creative with their in-game routine.

During a video review against Montreal last weekend, a few members of the Lions defense began doing the “Cupid Shuffle,” a dance which was invented by R&B singer Cupid back in 2007.

The B.C. Lions defense present, the Lion Shuffle.

[youtube id=”Et50GlzDj3E”]

How did this come about?


The players and coaches explain.

[youtube id=”D8q2SS6ukrI”]

For the majority of the season, the Lions defense, which boasts some of the most colourful players in the CFL, has been relatively dormant. However, after the dominant performance that the defense put forth against the Alouettes, holding them to only 14 points, it seems like they have re-found their swagger.

After last week’s performance, dancing may be a new requirement in order to play defense for the B.C. Lions.

[youtube id=”VBUlo8O6VOA”]


Image: The Canadian Press/ Darryl Dyck