Do Pretty People Earn More?

Dec 19 2017, 4:53 am

We can all appreciate how quickly a smile can bridge a distance between any two individuals; it has been said that a pretty smile can even disarm the strongest of opponents in any argument.

According to numerous articles published in reputable scientific and psychological journals, good-looking students get higher grades and better evaluations from their teachers, handsome criminals receive lighter sentences, and attractive people earn anywhere between 8 and 15% more than their less-attractive peers. Common sense, backed by empirical evidence, confirms that facial attractiveness plays a key role in social interaction, mating success, kinship opportunities, performance, and employment prospects.

An esthetically pleasing smile is not merely dependent on straight teeth. In reality, many factors influence the perception of an attractive smile including midline position, the height of upper and lower teeth, the number of teeth exposed during full smile and much more. Also important to a beautiful smile is lip curvature, amount and symmetry of upper gum exposure, the amount of tooth attrition, dental crowding or spacing, as well as the shape and shade of the individual teeth. As in all works of beauty, harmonious proportions and a natural balance of all these elements can and should be precisely calculated and professionally designed by the ultimate smile architect: the orthodontist.

Let’s face it; a nice bright smile is no longer the exclusive prerogative of Hollywood stars and runway models, just like orthodontic treatment is no longer limited to teenagers. The Invisalign® technique, along with the advent of tooth-color and transparent braces, have expanded the toolbox of the orthodontist to accommodate the cosmetic needs and expectations of a wider spectrum of patients, both adolescents and adults at every stage of a healthy life.

Dr. Sam W. Daher (Twitter: @DR_Daher)

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