SAD Mag is putting on a FREE disposable camera photo exhibit

Sep 14 2017, 1:46 am

Remember disposable cameras?

Well, a selection of Vancouver’s top artists were given these old school cameras as part of the aptly named Disposable Camera Project, and you’ll be able to view the best photos they snapped at the Remington Gallery and Studio, on September 22.

Co-curated by Megan Jenkins and Helen Wong, this year’s Disposable Camera Project is focusing on the theme of space. So you can think along the lines of underwater spaces, political spaces, domestic spaces, and perhaps even outer spaces in the photos you’ll see.

It’s totally free to attend the event and when you’re there you can buy prints you fall in love with. All proceeds of work sales will go directly to the artists, so it’s for a good cause. You can RSVP on Facebook now to secure your spot at the show.

To make it even better, there will be cheap beer available on the night and you’ll hear sweet tunes playing in the background as you observe the work of nine local artists and photographers.

“The reason I shoot isn’t too different from most artists: I’m documenting beautiful moments as an expression of my appreciation for them. In my drawing, I’m starting to see my love for surrealism and emotion converge with 35mm shots of people I love. It’s a fresh direction for me but I’m stoked that people are enjoying it as much as I am,” participating artist Flory Huang told Daily Hive.

“These days, I’m interested in capturing honesty, which to me is intrinsically beautiful. I’m drawn to people and things that are not pretending to be anything else. It could be a space in passing, a pocket of light, when I’m hanging out with my best friend, or just a texture. The best part of that is that people get to respond honestly to it, too.”

Some of the artists whose works you’ll get to see include: 

“Moving forward, I’m continuing to explore and share how I see the world. I’m also looking to collaborate with other artists and communities to create these expressions as a way to tell their stories, connect with people, and share ideas,” Huang added.

You’ll be able to check out Huang’s work for yourself at the event next week. And you could even bring a disposable camera along with you in place of your phone camera… for the fun of it.

Disposable Camera Project

When: September 22, 7 to 11 pm
Where: Remington Gallery and Studio – 108 East Hastings Street
Price: Free

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