These videos of dilapidated $20 million Vancouver mansions are hauntingly beautiful

Dec 19 2017, 9:18 pm

There’s something incredibly unsettling about walking through an abandoned house, but one Vancouver man is making an art project out of it.

Corbie Fieldwalker’s company Arc Cine shoots Vancouver’s most stunning architecture, but he decided to create a pet project to show grandiose buildings in an “alternative state.”


“We’re trying to get people to revaluate the value of these spaces. I think when you put a $20 million price tag on these, that’s part of what got people’s attention,” Fieldwalker tells Vancity Buzz. “We treat space in Vancouver often like that, and it goes unused and it gets kind of abused.”

The derelict mansions are largely concentrated in Point Grey, are covered in graffiti, and have overgrown, neglected yards. One property on Belmont Avenue is listed for $25.8 million.

Fieldwalker wants to communicate that there’s emotional content in architecture and those emotions are tied to our memories.

“When these architecture patterns start disappearing from the community, it has this emotional impact. We want people to think about the disappearing memories and emotions that goes with these disappearing buildings and architecture,” he says.

And while it wasn’t his initial intention, Fieldwalker’s project has naturally resulted in creating a political statement about the prices of homes in the city and the culture of bulldozing older homes.

“These spaces, although they may be a derelict building, it might be worth conserving. Analyze it for what it really is, don’t assume it’s a waste. Ask when it was built, who built it, and why.”

“It’s about really evaluating it for its design quality and aesthetic and architecture, not just as an investment,” he says.

At some point, Fieldwalker wants to combine his videos, along with commentary and analysis, to make a documentary. He has been shooting these homes for about a year, and his favourite thus far is a property on Drummond Drive.

Watch the videos below:

Drummond Drive

[vimeo id=”151753760″]

Belmont Avenue

[vimeo id=”151798667″]