Desi-Method Vancouver's electro-bhangra-hiphop

If you haven’t heard of Vancouver’s very own Desi Method, then you best be reading this son.

Mali and Esjay are two local music producers that go under the name Desi Method. Their sound can probably be defined as an electro-bhangra-hiphopish, mixed in with some fresh new beats.


Recently they released their latest mix tape THE FEAST, which includes a few very talented local artists, all representing a unique Vancouver sound.

[youtube id=”VPymhJYE_oU” align=”center”]

“The mix-tap is an independent release featuring independent artists from our community,” said Esjay, adding “It’s important for us to use this project to, not only grow the exposure of the people involved, but to build relationships with people in our community who are involved in the music scene whether it be writers, promoters, musicians or fans.”

Esjay 2

Desi Method looks at music as a great way to engage and create a positive conversation in the Lower Mainland, by not only collaborating with local artists, but by continuing the conversation of continued growth and development for Vancouver artist after the project passes.

Download THE FEAST for free by visiting and let us know what you think.