We stayed at the Delta Suites by Marriot for two nights: Here's what we thought

Jun 8 2022, 6:30 pm

Who doesn’t love the treat that is staying in a hotel? From the unmatched comfort levels of the beds (seriously, how are they so comfy?) to the omnipresent option of room service, there’s something about a hotel stay that immediately seeps luxury into your life from the moment you check-in.

And this is most definitely the case at the Delta Hotels by Marriot Vancouver Downtown Suites, where I got to live out all of my London Tipton fantasies.

From its central location in the city and the Architectural Digest feature-worthy interior design to the high-end, instagrammable meals at Stock and Supply, we absolutely indulged ourselves in all the Delta Suites by Marriot has to offer — which is a lot — for two very lavish days.

Enjoying a bottle of Blasted Church wine upon arrival (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

Upon entry, even from the moment of check-in, the Delta Suites made an impression. With a gorgeous lobby on the convenient corners of West Hastings and Seymour, the high ceilings, refined furniture, and friendly faces of the front desk staff who made check-in a breeze had us feeling both at home and like extravagant travellers in our own city at the same time.

But what really made both of our hearts skip a beat was when we first entered our suite. Nothing’s better than walking in with high expectations, only to have them immediately exceeded when we were greeted by a decorated foyer that led into a grandiose dining room.

The suite’s gorgeous dining room (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

The most gorgeous, green velvet chairs surrounded a large marble dining table, funky rug, and chandelier, with a bottle of wine and snacks waiting for us.

Unable to stop repeatedly bursting out “OMG!”, we pranced around to discover that the space was filled with decadence (and far larger than our one-bedroom apartment).

Past the dining room was a sitting area, a massive king bed, and a bathroom that puts any other I’ve ever seen to shame. On the other side of the dining room was a living room with a TV fit for a theatre, a bar and kitchenette area, and an open-air patio that could easily fit a party’s worth of people.

In the heart of the space were a bottle of wine (Blasted Church no doubt, almost like they knew it was one of our favs) and a handwritten welcome note, putting the sweetest touch on our arrival.

The entire suite was filled with thoughtful design details that made it feel like so much more than your average hotel room — because these suites are. The modern, contemporary decor throughout gives the space a playful edge while still feeling homey, and what’s better than feeling boujee and still cozy?

With a space and set up for everything you could ever need in here, from entertaining to enjoying the city views that wrapped each room through the windows, we were absolutely stoked for the next two nights, to say the least.

The suite’s expansive patio (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

On our first evening, we took some time to relax, sip on our bottle of wine, and enjoy our temporary home before heading out for drinks and the Whitecaps game. We frolicked a bit in the nearby area, including in Vancouver’s famed Pink Alley directly across the street, milking the most out of the downtown lifestyle.

Since the Delta Suites is so centrally located, we had truly unlimited options for where to hit before the game, and the walk to the stadium took us less than 15 minutes. It couldn’t have been a more ideal home base for a night out in the city.

Vancouver’s Pink Alley, right next to Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

The next morning was like waking up in a movie. I started the day in a classically comfy hotel robe with an espresso in hand and swivelled back and forth in the pink sitting room chairs while watching the sun shine on Vancouver as it woke up.

After a bubble bath and an episode of a reality TV show, I sauntered downstairs for breakfast. My morning was then graced by a meal from the Delta’s own Stock and Supply, which, let me be clear, is not your average hotel lobby restaurant. Stock and Supply means business, with a menu full of showstoppers comprised of local and sustainable ingredients.

The restaurant itself is open and calming, and the service was fantastic. My server had brought me my latte basically before I had even sat down (also, it was a great latte).

The meal itself — I ordered the Smoked Salmon Artisan Toast — was killer, with fresh, cold-smoked salmon and lemon dill cream cheese, with a nice thick piece of sourdough bread and perfectly poached eggs.

Smoked Salmon Artisan Toast at Stock and Supply (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

Throughout the rest of the day, I immersed myself in all the luxuries of the suite while also getting some work done. There were so many work-from-home spots if needed, from the sitting lounge to the living room to the dining room. And let’s be honest, working is actually pretty fun when you’re doing it in a hotel robe.

On the second evening of our stay, we truly lived our best lives. At the end of the workday, we took some time to hang out, play music, order room service for dinner, and get ready for the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

The Vancouver International Wine Festival (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

Held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, a short walk from the hotel to the waterfront led us to the event where we basked in more wines than either of us could conceive of.

The tastings were fabulous, and we got to try so many different styles (including sakes) that seamlessly fit with the worldly theme of our past two days. After, we strolled back to the hotel and took refuge in our ridiculously cozy king bed.

Wine tasting at the Vancouver International Wine Festival (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

The next morning was met with another welcome visit to Stock and Supply. I had the French Toast, covered in crunchy pecans and super buttery, blueberry whip cream that made every bite perfect.

My partner had the Ruben Hash — a bowl of big, smoky potatoes and pastrami that made for the ideal comfort meal. 

Breakfast at Stock and Supply (Sophia Delafontaine/Daily Hive)

While our last morning was bittersweet (we were very reluctant to head down to check out), we couldn’t have been more satisfied with our fix of luxurious living in our own city.

To learn more about Delta Hotels by Marriott Vancouver Downtown Suites and book your stay, visit their website here.

*This hotel stay experience was gifted to author Sophia Delafontaine by Delta Suites by Marriot.
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