Delta Police have noticed an increase in “relationship violence issues”

Nov 15 2019, 10:45 am

Police have released details of a frightening domestic violence incident that led to assault charges for a man in Delta.

The Delta Police Department (DPD) said in a statement that while they typically don’t share details regarding “relationship violence issues,” they’ve noticed an increase in “reports of offences such as assault and robbery, called persons offences.”

The report adds, “The majority of those offences happen between people known to each other, some of which are deemed relationship violence incidents.”

According to police, the suspect “suffers from alcohol and cannabis addiction problems.” When his parents attempted to hold an intervention, the son allegedly “threw his mother to the ground, grabbed a weapon, and left the home.”

Officers were able to locate the individual shortly after. He was arrested without incident and now faces assault charges.

The DPD says that within the last month, they’ve also investigated a number of other alleged domestic assaults, including a man who reportedly choked his girlfriend, and an individual who made threats against a loss-prevention officer.

“We want people in Delta to be aware that allegations of intimate partner violence, threats, or harassment will be treated seriously and thoroughly investigated,” says Cst. Ben Whitehead of the DPD’s Domestic Violence Unit. “We want those people who have suffered abuse to come forward so we can help them take back their lives, for the sake of their future, and their children’s futures.”