Pittsburgh sports writer says Vancouver is too dangerous

Mar 13 2017, 11:31 am

Are you afraid of yoga, mild weather, clean streets, and friendly people?

If so, then Pittsburgh sports writer Dejan Kovacevic is your kind of guy.

Kovacevic demonstrated, once again, his inexplicable hate-on for the City of Vancouver this weekend.

While in town to cover Saturday’s Penguins game against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena, Kovacevic had a few observations to share with his adoring followers…

On the surface, this seems like an alarming and unfortunate situation until you look into Kovacevic’s history of hyperbole when it comes to the vices of the city of Vancouver. It was this same reporter who, after the Penguins had won the Stanley Cup last year, reminded those celebrating the Cup not to follow the lead of Vancouverites after Game 7 in 2011.

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Then there were his comments about the 2010 Olympics:

Then there’s this nugget from our friend Dejan after the Canucks lost to the Calgary Flames in the first round of the 2015 Playoffs…

Given Kovacevic’s obvious hatred of Vancouver, his tale of a bloody fight outside Starbucks seems a bit farfetched. A Starbucks manager yelling out “this city isn’t safe!” Really?

Come on.

Does he just have bad luck?

Kovacevic loves him some Vancouver trolling, but, as he proudly declared, he had an ace up his sleeve…

Dejan proudly provided a link to an article for which Pittsburgh was named by the Economist as the most liveable city in the continental USA. In fact, Pittsburgh ranked the 30th best city in the world in terms of liveability.

And Vancouver?

Well played, Dejan. Well played.

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